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What do you fellas use to post such beautiful pictures? Certainly not a camera phone that washes out colors and makes your lovelies look brown.
The pictures of my 1911 and all the revolvers were indeed taken with the camera on my Samsung Galaxy SIII, the key is to choose a background that provides good contrast, turn off the flash, and use good lighting. I use a white wall that reflects light as a backdrop for my photos and two table lamps at the bottom corners to provide a sort of three-point lighting. You also need to hold the camera as steady as possible (a tripod is preferable if you have one) so as to prevent the images from being blurry. Finally, the editing features on photobucket are useful to clean up imperfections in the images.

There was another member, Playboypenguin, who no longer posts here that took some of the best gun pictures I've ever seen (they make mine look very amateur) and he posted a very detailed tutorial that you might be able to find throught he search function.
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