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Army m16 m4 qualification test (AQT) Target

Does anyone have a link to a full size printable (preferably pdf) of NSN 6902-01-167-1398 AQT target. I have been searching the net for about an hour and keep coming up short. Zero targets are easy to find but not the test target. The only one I found is broken into 4 8.5x11 pages to tape together but I have access to a large format printer and would like a full scale version.

I hope tactics and training is the correct place to post this as it is a training device and tactics are required to successfully qualify expert. I intend to use the target for keeping myself at my best using a Colt M4 22LR and the 25 meter target is perfect for this.

I also think it would be fun for family and friends to get a taste of a qualification and have an opportunity to sharpen their skills.

Thanks in advance.

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