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just a thought...was looking at one of the conservative blogs with a list of all the firearms feinstein would ban or force onto the NFA registry system...and wondered if some entrepreneur with a bit of engineering/gunsmithing savvy could redesign the AR lower a bit...perhaps just use pistol grip location
for parts/cleaning kit stowage and rework stock and forearm a bit and remove the "offending" aspects...I knmow would not make difference for clinton magazines, but could preserve a lot of what is now owned perhaps...

also. couldn't a person design a magazine that in a pinch could be enlarged?
say the box portion is built with tabs of a sort that connect together and the spring is designed so that it could connect to another spring. lwful in itself...but if the law changed again later or if the world went all zombie and suddenly concern for hi-capacity got seriously important...then, these things could be refigured and made 20 rounders let's say???

I imagine having any built-in capability for modification will be seen as conspiratorial by some and all of that, but still...wouldn't something long these lines we a viable idea? such things already exist? if so, where I wonder?
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