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New York prohibits magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds manufactured after September 14, 1994. (There are probably tons of magazines manufactured prior to September 15, 1994.)

It's also interesting that Connecticut more-or-less copied the New Jersey AWB, except they left out the part about magazine capacity.

I'm no expert about the New York and Connecticut legislative process, but these details wouldn't have been incorporated into the respective laws unless somebody put them there.

Amazon and Cabelas list several small gun safes for less than $100. I wouldn't expect them to stop a dedicated thief, but the idea would be to slow a thief down, since most burglaries are completed during a very short period of time. It seems to me that buying a safe is a reasonable thing to do, but experience has shown me that it's impossible to legislate common sense, and as often as not trying to creates a larger problem than the one that it was supposed to fix.

It should be easy enough to remove the bolt from a rifle or remove the barrel from an autoloader and hide it. At no cost, and it's no longer a functioning firearm at that point. My BIL has an inherited shotgun that he disassembled when his kids were still at home. He's since forgotten where he hid all the parts! (He's sold a couple of his cars in the interim. Maybe he should have checked the spare tire wells!)
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