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I not in favor of a law requiring people to have safe storage, but I am in favor or heavily encouraging people to do so. The NRA should so some public service spots!

It seems really unwise to have thousand of dollars with of guns just sitting around the house. If anyone knows you have guns, then you're a target for thieves, even in a rural area. I wouldn't leave $1,000 in cash just sitting in a drawer, so why would I do that with a $1k pistol?

I'm not saying an alarm and a safe will prevent every theft, but a proper safe, anchored to the floor and locked in a secure room in your home will go a long way. If you're keeping a gun for home defense, no problem, there are a lot of quick access solutions. Or do what I do, weapon goes in the safe when I'm not here and out when I return.

A criminal can run off with a lock box, but at least it makes it harder for junior to grab it and take it school.

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