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Mark III pistols have had this crap added because it costs Ruger EXTRA money to either make CA and MA approved separate models...and/or, it would cost Ruger too much in sales to simply NOT sell their guns in those places.

The pistols have been CALIFORNIA'D, not lawyered.
This is exactly why I was so disappointed when the LC9 came out- I was interested in one but it was immediately crossed off the list because of them, specifically the manual safety. I love my little LCP and would have seriously considered the LC9 if it was more like a larger version, instead of what was put out.

At least a company like Kahr, for example, makes different versions of their guns with the CA necessities, that people who don't need them may opt not to have.

Ruger dropped the ball in not doing the same with their new guns, IMHO.

Back on-topic, I got an MKIII because I preferred the newer-style mag release and took out the mag disconnect and LCI. It's an excellent gun made even better with the mods.
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