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I applied VERY little. I used a q-tip to apply the breakfree CLP. But even a tiny amount will make it look wet. I didn't know if I am just suppose to leave that small amount on the Glock and put it back together or if i should fully dry the CLP off so nothing looks wet? If I do blow dry the breakfree CLP off until its no longer visible will it still provide lube protection or no? Again only a very small amount of breakfree CLP was applied. I just didnt know if it was meant to be kept on and put the gun right back together or completely dry the breakfree CLP off then put the gun back together?

For my Glock 26 I just put a SMALL amount of breakfree CLP on the "6 parts" then let it sit for like 30 mins. Then I used a dry rag to wipe down those 6 parts I put the CLP on. There was no excess CLP since I applied such a smal layer. But it still looked "wet" even with a tiny tiny amount of CLP. So I just put my Glock 26 back together assuming I'm suppose to leave a small layer of CLP on the gun and NOT wipe it off... I assume.

I am about to bring the car into -5 to 15 degree
Weather so I wanted to be sure it was done the right way and leaving a tiny amount of CLP on the 6 parts is okay in the cold or if I need to dry it down completely.

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