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Hey everyone. I was helping a buddy of mine picking out a hunting rifle. He told me originally that he wanted an AR platform for both target and hunting, but I told him that now isn't the time (not a AR buyer's market). This was confirmed with his budget of $550-800. He wants a scope, etc... I pointed him in the direction of Marlin, Savage, Ruger, etc... We went to a local gun and outfitter's store and he picked up a Howa and said he really liked it. I for the life of me had never really heard of that maker, but it was a package deal with a very nice scope, stock, and heavy barrel for around $700. The salesman told me that he has one and that it is very accurate at the range. As stated, I know nothing about Howa's, but my friend is looking for a cal in the .308 - 30-06 range. He intends to deer hunt as well as hunt out west in Col. for elk with his family. I talked him into a bolt action (this will be his first hunting rifle) and made him look at other cals. What other cals should he be looking at? He doesn't want a 300 winmag (don't really know why) and I have found him a savage 7mm mag with a thumbhole stock already out the door for $600 (no scope though). Any thoughts on calibers? Thanks.
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