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Using Break free CLP on Glock?

I know this is a stupid question to most. I have never used break free CLP so I have a question.. So I put the stuff on the "6 points" on the Glock 26 (since I am just lubing my G26 not cleaning it) and on my Glock 19 i put the breakfree CLP all over as I am using it as a cleaner and lube. My question:

I applied very small amount break free what?

Do I apply it, then put my Glock back together while the CLP is still wet on the parts?

Or am I suppose to apply the break free CLP, let it sit for a while, then take a dry rag and completely dry the gun down so there is no visible oil/CLP visible, then put the Glock back together?

Basically I want to know if I'm suppose to put the Glock back together while the CLP is still visible/wet on the Glock. Or do I need to completely wipe off the CLP before putting the Glock back together?


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