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The range I usually go to, only has seven yard handgun lanes, so I can't brag about any long range shooting, but this is about typical of what my MK III, 22/45, with a 4" bull barrel, and a cheap BSA red dot sight would do at that range. It was actually booringly accurate. Get the dot on target, pull trigger, and reacquire target, pull trigger again. This was about seventy rounds, standing, two handed hold, while I waited for the range to go cold. Most of them just went through the hole after a few minutes. The ammo was either Federal bulk pack, or American Eagle I forget which. The ones that missed the X ring, I rushed the shots.

I don't have that gun anymore, and it's one of the few guns I've ever sold that I wish I had back. I may have to buy another one one of these days.

For all the hoopla about cleaning them, it's not that hard if you just read and follow the directions. It's that simple. The trick is to READ and the letter. Every word is important, as is every step.

Personally I just spray mine with Gunscrubber most of the time and put some oil on it and it's good to go.
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