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We always seem to be so quick to use the derogatory term "LAWYER" or "LAWYERED" etc etc. Now it's not that I want to rush to the defense of lawyers heck, they knew before they picked their life's work that generally speaking...people think less of them than used car salesmen.

It's just that lawyers deserve NO MENTION when it comes to these idiotic gadgets. Sure, in the grand scheme --- lawyers are involved, no doubt. But this is political and more to the point...this is MUCH more about streamlined manufacturing and cost savings.

Mark III pistols have had this crap added because it costs Ruger EXTRA money to either make CA and MA approved separate models...and/or, it would cost Ruger too much in sales to simply NOT sell their guns in those places.

The pistols have been CALIFORNIA'D, not lawyered.

The other thing I wanna say: I'm sure a lot of us pick a stance on something and refuse to EVER waiver from it for the rest of time and space. Simply put, we couldn't ever be convinced otherwise, no matter how the argument is presented.

Well, here's mine. The Mark II non-poly pistols are BY FAR the best of any of them. I'd pay more money for a clean used Mark II than I would ever even consider paying for -ANY- Mark III and I'd take a clean Mark II over an equal condition Mark I at half the price.

God could come to Earth and stare me down at three feet and not change my mind on this subject. But of course... YMMV!
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