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What kind of cost are you looking at for a replacement barrel for a glock 19?
Also what kind of money could you sell a new unshot factory 19 barrel for?
Well, that is where it gets a teeny bit complicated!

Seeing as I live in Estonia, we need to factor in the export/import and carriage charges not to mentioin the exchange rate and any overheads for the shop getting the barrel for me.

Presently, the only barrel I have seen that would fit my needs (and I've only seen a handful) is the threaded, land and groove Lone Wolf barrel for a G19.
It was about €150, or approx €110. You'd have to add about $40 for carriage, so $190 total, then import tax at %20, so another $38 or so, and finally we'd need to consider any profits/cost covering for the shop doing the importing (A licenced firearms service provider must apply for the import licence for an "essential part" such as a barrel: I can't do it as a private citizen).

Sooo, as a rough guess, that would make a $150 barrel from Lone Wolf finally come to about $250/€190-ish.

As for the sale of a barrel, no idea: I am not sure if I could even sell it. I've never seen a barrel for sale in the private ads. There doesn't seem to be much of a market...

I would like that barrel, but I would really need to have justification.
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