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Did you escape to a less restrictive state?

I am very curious as to how many of you TFLers have specifically moved from one state to another because of gun restrictions/politics? Everyone talks about moving, but just how many of you have done it for the politics of firearms?

In my case, I left my birth state (California) when I was 61 almost 9 years ago. My move was specifically due to the politics of gun restrictions as I have a large gun collection and just hate the Gov telling me what I can and can not do and what I can own and can't own.

After researching many aspects (guns/politics/costs/my personal asperations/etc.) of mostly western states I settled on Idaho. My move truely was because of gun politics/restrictions. This was the best move I have ever made in my entire life. In Idaho, I am free to just LIVE! Shooting, trading, hunting, fishing, and the surprising aspect of it all.....My wife has never been happier and she also loves Idaho.

Tell us your tale of sadness or happiness and where you are now or want to be in the future as an aspect of your love of firearms.

In addition, if you were able to, tell us which state you would move to in a heartbeat if you could
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