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Looking to buy an AR... recommendations?

Its been on my list for quite some time. I already Have 2 garands, a mauser and a 7.7 jap. I think its time to move into the modern times.

Ive had my eye on a windham weaponry AR I saw at cabelas. its a little pricey at $899 but from the reviews ive read on it, it is every bit worth it being reliable and sturdy.
I like the look of it, especially with the US flag right on the mag well.
Anyone have one of these that can share their opinion?

the only other one I was considering was an older colt I saw for sale at a shop. It was pretty well used. I think the price was about $750 or so, But I really am not too familiar with these yet. (at least.. not till july when I ship to boot camp)

Any opinions or recommendations are welcome, Id say my price range is right about where the Windham AR is, $900. Hopefully that isnt too limiting.. I still need to set some aside for mags and optics if i dont get one with iron sights.

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