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that looks pretty good. My grandpa has one of those, its a real nice shooter. as for me, I have a german made mauser, 1944.
funny story with it, when I bought it i had little to no knowledge of mausers, only that I wanted one. I thought the fact that the wood of the stock forward of the front band slid up and down was normal, something was just loose.

well, after doing some research, I discovered that it was a "duffle cut" or a vut made by a soldier to fit the rifle stock along with the rest of the dismantled rifle in his duffle to bring it home.

so, a quick drilling of holes, wood glue and dowels should do the trick.
2 rounds in, the dowels snap.
rinse and repeat, but with epoxy that supposedly bonds like steel.
same issue.

so, after about 3-4 more times repairing it only to fail, i went all out and doweld, epoxy'd, and cut a groove, more epoxy, and a piece of notched steel layed in the stock. wrapped the cut in mesh, more epoxy, and had to hammer the front band down over it.

havent had a problem since, and ive put 450+ rounds through it since then.
rock solid. plus, you cant even tell its been cut or repaired. But, I guess we all have our rifle stories.
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