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Originally Posted by therealdeal:
though what you are stating is correct, it doesn't change the fact that ammo does play a huge factor in hunting, self-defense, home-defense, accuracy with distance shooting, etc.
I never said that ammo choice doesn't play a part, but ammo construction is not the only factor effecting the outcome of defensive shootings. I simply said that there are folks out there who seem to think that they can compensate for poor shot placement by loading the newest "whiz-bang" design in their magazines. We've seen a little of that in this thread (whether those who've done it wish to admit it or not) and elsewhere on these forums when others quote as truthful and/or valid the thoroughly debunked "works" of Marshall & Sanow- yes, there are folks who still subscribe to this day to such nonsense.

Originally Posted by therealdeal:
I choose to always give careful consideration to the ammo I shoot with. I want the most out of an emergency situation since I have been made to make the decision to draw.
I would hope so. I prefer to take advantage of every benefit that I can get, too, no matter how small it may seem.
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