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Care of sig stainless pistol vs alloy pistol with nitron finish

I shot someone's sig p226 elite stainless at the local shooting range. I really liked the way it shot and the way it looked! I've never owned a Sig. My experience so far has been with Glock pistols (which I also like a lot). I have the following questions:

-How is the care / maintenance of a stainless frame Sig different than for an alloy framed Sig?

-Is there more maintenance required for a stainless frame Sig like the Sig p226 elite stainless (E26R-9-SSE, E26R-40-SSE) since it is not blued / nitron coated like most of the other Sig models?

-How susceptible are the stainless framed Sigs to rust? I live in Colorado and it is very dry here - especially in the winter.


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