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I recently learned that I can have a piece of history and possibly one of the best rifles ever made for under $200.
I would hardly call a mosin nagant "one of the best rifles ever made". they are crude to say the least. the tool marks from manufacture are the most horrible Ive ever seen and some literally have spirals cut all the way around the recievers that can be seen from 20 feet away. the actions are stiff and the short bolt handles do not lend themselves to proper leverage. however for less than $200, they always go bang and the surplus ammo is super cheap for a heavier cartridge like the 7.62x54R they are hard to beat. I personally own and shoot two myself but the quality compared to Mausers, Enfields, Springfields, and Arisakas is just not nearly in the same ballpark.

My questions are as most would expect. What models are there?
the main models that Big 5 Carries are the 91/30 which is the most common of all mosin nagant models and PU95 snipers(might have gotten the model wrong) but Big 5 just lists them as '91/30 sniper' and they generally run $800 or so so much more than the average mosin. other models I have not seen at Big 5 and generally more expensive are M38 carbines(shorter rifle with no bayonet) M44 carbines(shorter rifle with flip up bayonet) and Chinese Type 53(M44 copy).

What stamps should I look for?
the only Mosins I've seen at Big 5 are all manufactured at Izhevsk, IIRC they are differentiated by a triangle with an arrow inside stamped in them. Tulas are rarer but still common, they should be identified by a 5 point star with an arrow inside.

Are there serials on all the parts?
the bolt body, receiver, buttplate, and floor plate should all have matching serial numbers.

hope this helps.
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