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While I did greatly enjoy that guys video on "bathroom gun control" awhile back, he unfortunately makes some serious errors in his argument. He starts by lamenting that the anti's don't learn about what they want to ban, ok fine. He then uses "assault rifle" repeatedly with only a slight effort to use/re-enforce semi-automatic rifle. Setting aside his own terminology conflict. His opening statements inherently suggest that one should be educated about a subject they wish to have a discourse about. Then it goes downhill when he starts talking about having to defend himself from guys with AKs...yes it's possible, but implying that bad guys frequently use rifles, goes directly against his first statements about learning the subject matter. The facts are that rifles are used in very few crimes, the vast majority of gun crime is committed with handguns.

He ups the ante dangerously by implying that rifles are everywhere in crime. For those against or on the fence it only confirms to them that this danger is everywhere, rather than bringing out the truth which is a ban would have a near statistical zero impact on gun crime because they are in fact rarely used in crime.
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