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An FFL is mandtory to sell ANY loaded ammo, and (due to liability concerns) heavy insurance would be an excellent idea for reloaders inclined to do so.
not true, this is covered by ATFs FAQ section. you do not need an FFL to sell ammunition however if you are manufacturing loaded ammunition for the intent of selling then you are in effect commercially manufacturing which does require a FFL6.
a few people get around this in the same way that they get around holding raffles in states that consider raffles gambling. you are free to offer 'donations' to aid the home loader and in return the reloader can offer a 'contributor appreciation gift'.

obviously this becomes questionable territory when done by the thousands of rounds and done for many different individuals however there is nothing wrong with loading up ammo for a friend and in return receive compensation for the price of components. OP, if you have friends that reload, ask them if they would be willing to reload for you if you were to compensate them for their time and materials used and if they do not have the necessary dies then offer to buy them, I know many reloaders that would do it for cost jsut for the experience of getting to try out new calibers. too bad you didn't ask this 2 months ago, I had 1,000 rounds of x25 sitting around that I would have been more than happy to have sold you, sadly I traded them for a MAS36, not that I'm complaining, the MAS36 is so much more enjoyable but I could have gotten a much better deal than I did for the ammo.
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