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James K
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I have two and have fired one of them quite a bit (it is one that was converted to .44-40). The idea sounds good on paper, but there are a lot of problems, best shown by a description of its use.

1. Open the loading gate in the buttplate.
2. Drop in a cartridge.
3. Work the lever to move the cartridge around one slot.
4. Go to 2 and repeat 2 and 3 28 (or 34) times. Go to 5.
5. The rifle is now loaded.
6. When the "Injuns" or whoever attack, fire ten rounds and they leave.
7. Now there is a ten round gap in the magazine.
8. Open the loading gate again, and drop in a cartridge.
9. Work the lever to move the cartridge around.
10. A live cartridge drops out on the floor until you get to the gap.
11. Repeat 8, 9 and 10 28 (or 34) times to fully load the magazine again.
12. If you fired all 28 (or 34) rounds at the "Injuns", you reload by going to 1 and starting over with the lever cranking - 28 (or 34) times.
13. Pick up those live rounds off the floor, if the "Injuns" give you a chance.

See the problem? Want to have to do that with the "Injuns" or whoever attacking? No loading gate like a Winchester. No detachable magazine. No single tube butt magazine like the Spencer. Nope, you load and crank, load and crank. When the "Injuns" break through, they find that the Evans users have died from exhaustion.

Jim K
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