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I love the amount of inventive stuff people manage to do with what I personally consider one of the most well thought out modern double action revolvers ever made. The Dan Wesson 15-2 is a gunsmithless gun. All of the lock work (with the exception of the hand) can interchange with any other 15-2. The barrel is user under 2 minutes with practice -- even the method used to severe the barrel at the front and the rear is genius. The cylinder latch is on the crane, and. Forget why, but it's there on purpose to make the gun able to have a tighter cylinder gap or something. The grip frame is a stud, so any imaginable grip profile can be fitted to the gun. Heck, some DWs even came with a belt buckle! It's too bad the model 15-2 just never got the respect I deserves.

Sorry, I'm really into Dan Wesson revolvers lately, sometimes I get a little crazy.
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