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TriStar T-120 9mm

Hi Fellow Shooters, Today I got a new TriStar T-120 9mm. Traded a Rossi Rio Grande 30/30 which was almost new for it. I'd never heard of the brand but saw very good reviews online like this: "I read about the Tri-star (Canik55) in Cambat Handguns magazine and after the favorable review and the very reasonable price, I thought I'd give it a try. It seemed to be a good way to try the CZ-75 platform without spending the extra $150-$200 for an actual CZ. I've had the gun for a while now and if anything , the magazine article undersold it. It's just wonderful. It's my new favorite handgun and I like it much better than my Springfield XD-9." So what do you guys (and gals) think??? Anyone ever shot one, did I make a good trade, what about reliability, or any comments? Thanks, Bernie
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