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...we are in deep trouble...... the House is the only possibility to keep more horrible gun control laws off the books......

...even horrible harry reid is turning pro gun control...
I wouldn't panic just yet.

What they say publicly is not necessarily what they wholeheartedly support behind the scenes. I rather suspect that many who tend toward more leftist causes but are from more moderate to conservative states (such as Reid from NV and one of my own Senators, McCaskill from MO) will mouth support for new measures to assuage their base but send back channel messages that they REALLY don't want to have to see one come up for a vote.

Make your desires known to your own Senators to make sure they know how the folks back home feel. It's one thing to talk up support for party political stances, but when push comes to shove, they'd rather get reelected.

Moreover, 51 votes in the Senate won't quite be enough. The associated committee(s) involved will need to be willing to take up the bills and approve them. The folks running the calendar need to be wholeheartedly on board or it won't get to the floor. They will need enough votes to break potential filibusters or it won't reach a vote.
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