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?? on shortening a revolver barrel - legalities, etc.

I'm not planning on doing this but I got to thinking about it and wondered what the legalities would be . . . if any?

I'm a "revolver guy" and have been looking for a 3 or 4 inch barreled S & W - prefer a J frame but would take a K frame - or a Colt Official Police - in 38 spl.

If I were to find (I'll use a Colt OP as an example) a 38 Colt OP with a 5" or 6" barrel - could I have a gunsmith shorten the barrel to 3"/recrown/new front sight or if I found a good 4" barrel, could I have the barrels swapped out?

In MI, we have to register handguns. On the form is Make, Model, Serial #, Caliber and Barrel Length - plus our personal information. If I purchased a pistol with a 6" barrel - I would imagine that I would have to have it "re-registered" or notify the sheriff's dept. and have the registration form corrected at county and state level (I haven't asked as I don't plan on doing it). Does a shortening or barrel length swap affect the FFL registration of the firearm or mess up the sale of it if it went through the FFL process?

Just curious as I don't think I've ever heard an answer to barrel length changes, etc. Thanks.
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