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Which means that WE are the problem, and if WE aren't willing to even write a letter, WE will have nobody to blame other than ourselves if WE lose our RKBA.
I've been dealing with that guy dozens of times a day lately.

"[insert unpopular politician] is gonna come for my guns! He's gonna get 'em bullets first! Say, do you guys have any ammo?"

I can do my best to convince the guy that we still have a representative government in which he can participate. He doesn't care. I can suggest he donate $25 to the ILA, which is less than he's paying for a box of ammo at the gun show. He doesn't care.

Instead, he treats me to his Red Dawn fantasies and sulks out. I'm lucky if he doesn't regale me with some tactless conspiracy theory.

I'm well aware that the vast majority of the gun culture doesn't participate. Heck, most can't even get off the Barcolounger long enough to go vote. But if things go wrong, who do they blame? Those of us who tried to get them to participate in the first place.

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