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Taurus PT111 G2 vs. 24/7 G2 - Conceal Carry

I recently got my CHL/CCW (whaterever you call it in your area). The only gun I own is a Fullsize S&W M&P 9, so that is what I have been carrying as often as I can in a Galco Triton IWB holsters. It is not too tough to carry now when I can wear sweaters and jackets, but I worry about spring/summer when those are no longer viable here in Texas. And here in Texas, those seasons start in about a month and a half.
So, I am looking at guns I could possibly use my M&P9 as trade-in for that are smaller and lighter and more likely to conceal better for me. I have 4 hungry teenagers, so additional funds are not that easy to come by. This brought me to these two Taurus models. I read about issues of reliability with Taurus, but it seems like that might be in the past. Anyone shot one or both of these? Even better, anyone carry either of these? Wondering your thoughts....

Thanks in advance for any thoughts. I love my M&P, but I just can't see carrying it from mid-March through October.

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