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Have you used a Bank Vault Door to make a larger room / closet safe?

We're considering converting a large closet to a secure room with a surplus bank vault door. I'm looking for someone who has actually taken an old bank vault door and put in on a room to make a larger than average gun safe. This seems like a better option than individual safes, and provides enough space for much more than just weapons.

Questions are:
How did you test the door prior to installation or did you?
Did you reinforce the walls inside the room / closet around the door for structural reasons to support the door?
For higher security, did you consider reinforcing the walls all the way around that room / closet and / or the ceiling?
Do you have a 'backdoor' way into the room?
Do you have a way out in the event you're locked in?
Did you hide it behind a regular door or is it otherwise obscured from easy view?
Any other words of wisdom or advice you would provide?

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