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I too went to a gun show in Vandalia, Ohio. It was very crowded and busy. Parking was difficult and a muddy mess. When I arrived there was a very long winding line in the front lobby, took me almost 25 minutes to reach the ticket table before going in.

Prices ranged from reasonable to ridiculous. Most AKs were in the $800 to $1300 range, ARs from $1000 to $2000, depending on configuration. I specifically went to find a 75-round drum, but they were selling for over $250, some as high as $300. I passed on them. Instead I bought two very nice 30-round AK mags for $30 a piece, a very nice and complete Romanian AK bayonet, and a large box containing 1000 strike-anywhere matches. The "run" at today's show was definitely the magazines.

Next weekend is the even larger and more crowded Indy-1500 show at the Indianapolis fairgrounds. I have no doubt it will be insane, doubt I will go.
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