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I've got an old friend I don't see very often ( BTW... I'm not the huggy kind of guy ) but he is... as a carry guy himself, I find he likes to "hug" people to see if / what / & where they are carrying...
I knew a guy that bragged about being able to tell where your gun was and in a lot of cases, tell you what kind it was from the same hug technique.

I tested him one time. He found the full size 1911 Mexican carry in my back. But he missed the 8 3/8" bbl Model 29 in the shoulder holster. And the shoulder holster was a big, Bianchi, thick leather thing with all the cross straps and what not. I wasn't making any special attempt to cloak or obscure the Dirty Harry gun.

If you're genuinely concerned about printing, carry a cellphone on the opposite side. If you think someone is looking at you for a weapon, uncover and draw the cellphone and act like you're doing something with it.

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