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For your ruger make your self something like this-

It will help you to load very easily. There most be a dozen types and makes out there . Ours has no name but must be 25 years old now. The rugers mags my look cheap buy they will work just finework . There not made for speed loading but there are heavier design bases used in matchs. Maybe something here will help you including speed loaders. -

The larger heavier 1911 in 45acp has more of a push than a sharper snap the 9mm has in the smaller handgun. Just a fact of live . You will get use to it. You also have a shorter sight radius and that can hurt accuracy. Buy some thin grips for the old mans 1911 and go shooting. Sounds like with so many today if something that could be caused by bad ammo comes up , change brands before blaming the handgun.

Remember too that ever firearm company has some problems from time to time so just handing in there and learn your handguns.
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