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I was able to get mine from a local shop (not known for killer deals ) for $530 before tax. That's for a used GP-100 with very light use and a hundred bucks worth of Mag-Na-Porting already done to it.

Now, I call it "hundred bucks worth" because you'd spend just under that if you dropped it off at MnP in Michigan, but you'd have to add $20-$35 for shipping if you sent it. But realistically, you can't put a price on "custom work" that's already been done to a used gun...especially when you didn't order or ask for that custom work.

Does the porting make a difference on my GP-100? I'm sure that it does, but it's difficult for me to relay how much, or to what degree. I'm not a full-out handgun recoil junkie, but I find that recoil bothers me a bit less than many folks. I never would have even considered Mag-Na-Porting this revolver considering the chambering, but I don't mind that it's been done.

A GP-100 on .327 was on my "heck yeah" list, but I wasn't actively searching for one when this revolver jumped out of the case and in to my right hand. When I got home with it, I ran some Gunbroker searches and found two of them available. One new, one barely used, both were right around $620 before shipping and FFL fees.

Funny how sometimes a used gun deal presents itself. I'd been to this shop a half dozen times in the last 2 years and never found anything that I'd even consider. But this GP that came home with me was sitting RIGHT NEXT to a H&K P7 PSP tagged at $749 and firm. That's another one I'm on the lookout for...but I know that I did the right thing on that day. And looking back 7 months I really, really know I brought home the right one!
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