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Biggest "***" range session ever.

I bought a 1911 EMP 9mm last September and have been going to the range every two weeks with it. Besides a recoil spring malfunction (sent off to Springfield to be fixed), the gun has performed almost flawlessly through 400-500 rounds.

Today I shot one 50 round box and probably experienced 30-35 total malfunctions. It failed to feed almost every round (the slide would lock back and I'd have to rack again), I had 2-3 stovepipes, and my slide would fail to lock at the end of several clips. Perhaps most annoyingly, my husband experienced far fewer of these problems when he tried my gun. The gun had just been cleaned and we used Fiocchi ammo for the first time today. In the past we have used PMC and Magtech. Any ideas what could be causing this many failures?

We also tried out my brand-new Ruger MKIII 22/45. I liked the gun in general, but I was surprised by how cheap the magazine appeared to be. I had a hard time loading the magazine at the correct angle, figuring out when the magazine was completely seated and sometimes I had a hard time getting the bullets to load into the chamber. This makes me feel like an idiot. Are there better aftermarket magazines out there or does it just take more finesse?

Finally, I tried my husband's .45 for the first time today (Springfield 1911 Trophy Match). My groupings were far better on the .45, which is a little more powerful than my 9mm and a little too big for my hands, than they have ever been with my 9mm. This seems very very very odd to me. Any idea why I might shoot better with a .45? I would totally steal my husband's gun if the grips weren't so aggressive and uncomfortable.

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