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In order to make our voices heard ... we must speak.

While this appears self-evident, I was at the nearby local gun emporium just a couple of hours ago. A guy came in whom I had never encountered there before. He was wearing a sweatshirt with the name of a rod and gun club in a nearby town, so he's not one of the newbies rushing to get a gun because they just realized this might be their last chance.

This guy was crying about how we're going to lose all our rights, and he hopes the NRA will "do something." I pointed out that the NRA's position is well-known, that the people in Washington (and our state capitals) need to hear from us, as individual citizens and voters. I pointed out that today is Saturday. I said, "Write letters on Sunday, and mail them on Monday."

He just muttered, "Yeah, whatever ..." and pointedly turned his back on me to look in the display case behind him. He clearly had no intention of actually doing anything himself, not even writing a letter. He expects the NRA to do it all for him. Yet, he's a member of a gun club. He's "one of us."

Which means that WE are the problem, and if WE aren't willing to even write a letter, WE will have nobody to blame other than ourselves if WE lose our RKBA.
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