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I have made lots of .243 brass from .308 brass and would do so again if I had a good sized lot of .308 mil brass providing it was all of the same year manufacture.

HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A very important thing to do to such brass is to turn or ream the case neck to assure it is not overly thick.

This problem has been known to blow up nice rifles due to the neck being so thick that the bullet can not be released without GREALY excessive pressures.

I like to turn my case necks, as I feel it makes for a truer neck and less chance of it being off center as might happen with reaming.

I once bought a bulk batch of .308 brass from Cabala's some years back, but there was so many different head stamps/years included, it just just wasn't worth the effort and I gave it all away.

Before I found out about the neck thickness issue and before I had seen a HIGH pressure situation on a friend's rifle, I used a lot of formed brass. Frank was shooting a nice Sako .243A.I., and when he pulled the bolt back the extractor and some other bolt pieces fell out onto the ground mat.

The primer pocket expanded so much, you could take the primer - which also fell onto the ground mat, - and rattle it around in the primer pocket -. That was a close one.

LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!! It only takes one overly thick neck and you will be minus a valuable rifle if your lucky enough to get by that cheap!

Crusty Deary Ol'Coot

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