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You scored one of the best deals in HD 12 gauge pumps to be found, my friend. And the icing on the cake is, yours is in super nice condition.

Are you aware this old rascal is a true "take-down" shotgun that becomes two 19" sections that can fit inside a pack, a disaster bag or a violin case ? I'd be happy to describe how it's done if you can't figure it out. I wish I could see the expression on your face the first time you slide it apart.

You may also not realize that this and other pumps of the era are capable of....what do they call it......slam firing....? In other words, when filling the air with serious clouds of hot lead is the desire, you hold the trigger down, and so long as you are pumping the action and you have shells in the mag tube, this bad boy just keeps on barking ! No, not so accurate, but mighty intimidating, and a very cool and fun thing to do at the right times.

Hope you enjoy your find, you did real good, friend.
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