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I don't mind reloading, I just don't love it. I enjoy it for the first 30min or so, then I'm ready for something else.

Anyway, I still have about 400 small pistol primers for .38spl/.357mag, I have some powder, and plenty of .38spl and .357mag brass. I have about 100 rounds of .45LC brass, and I've ordered another 100 rounds of range ammo to make more brass. I have about 1/2 pound of powder, so I will need to find some more powder. I ordered 1000 large pistol primers for .45LC, 200 .45 bullets, and 250 .38/.357 bullets (just enough bullets to get me started) this morning. I'm about to head out to a gun show and hopefully I can get more powder, and possibly more bullets, while there.

I agree now would be a bad time to try and stock up.
I'm not really stocking up right now. I am just buying what I need for my current shooting needs (maybe a little extra when I see something at a decent price). I will be stocking up, and more on reloading components than commercial ammo, in the future when this all blows over.
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