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I remember during the Clinton AWB era buying and getting rid of two 15-round capable, but only 10-round permissable 9mm pistols for that very reason.

I liked my Browning BDM and sigpro 2009, but for me they were too big to be neutered like that, when equivalent sized .40 caliber pistols were available. I like the .40, some don't.
Weren't hicap mags, over ten rounds, grandfathered in Texas? All the Clinton AWB said was you couldn't by hicap mags that were manufactured after the AWB went into affect. All I did for my pistols that accepted 15 round mags was keep my exisiting hicap mags and buy a few more that were manufactured before the ban. I just had to pay a bit more for hicap mags. It didn't force me to sell any guns nor carry something different.

There is speculation, this new ban if it happens will NOT be grandfathered, but that is purely speculation.

IMHO you got rid of perfectly good pistols for no good reason, but that's your call.
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