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Originally Posted by Constantine View Post
5 years ago. Taurus PT-145 Millennium Pro


Have to agree here. Didn't own it but someone loaned it to me to take to the range with explicit instructions to, "Give me your honest opinion."

After putting 50 rounds through it and wanting to curse loudly at whoever designed the trigger, my official report was, "It'll take a lot of range time to get good with that thing since it fights you every time you pull the trigger. If it was mine I'd sell it."

The range safety guy wasn't as tactful. His description was, "That thing sure is a loud POS."
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Another voter here for that particular Taurus. The one that I owned was terribly inaccurate, you could literally wiggle the barrel back and forth almost 1/16th of an inch when the pistol was in battery. Could not get a better than 8-9" group out of it an 30 feet. Sold it after firing about 100 rounds out of it and never looked back.
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