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Recent craziness has brought me back into reloading

I used to reload for .38spl and .357mag. I didn't want to chase brass so I only reloaded for revolvers. I don't love reloading, I love shooting, so 9mm, .223 and several other calibers were cheap enough that I didn't mind paying a little more to buy factory, and .45ACP and .40S&W wasn't bad either when on sale. When prices went up, between graduate school and work I just didn't have much time to reload or even shoot enough to really worry about it (and I had a fair amount stored anyway).

Recently, I started spending a lot more time at the range again, and I've shot off most of my ammo stash, then the recent craziness happened...Ammo for my .45ACP, 9mm's and AR is pretty much impossible to find. When it is available, if you don't jump immediately, it disappears (and prices can be a bit inflated).

So, I have bought dies for .45LC (I wanted to anyway since it is an expensive revolver caliber). I have bought components to start reloading .38/.357 again. I am also thinking it is time to add calibers other than revolver calibers. I will be buying dies for 9mm and .223 at least, and probably .45ACP, since they seem to be the most likely to experience shortages (the past few ammo shortages have all seemed to hit .45ACP, 9mm and .223 especially hard).

When ammo is available and cheap, I may revert to buying .223 and 9mm factory ammo. However, having a few thousand pieces of brass, bullets, and primers for those calibers will be nice during the next shortage. Brass is mostly recyclable so it will be in loaded rounds, and bullets, primers and powder for a few thousand rounds is cheaper and takes less storage space than a few thousand loaded rounds.
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