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Sometimes it's not always that easy. Your company may not ban firearms but it may be known your boss is anti-gun. You could love your job, love where you work and get paid well. This is also a tough economy. For those who say quit or it's their problem, not yours, etc. Pfffft. It's not always cut and dried.

If you do not wish for anybody at your work to know you CCW then those are your wishes. Telling someone to get different friends or coworkers really have no clue. Life doesn't always work that way. Sometimes we have to work around situations whether we like it or not.

To the OP, you did get some good responses. It is up to you, of course, if you wish to carry privately or not. I agree that the wrong person who knows you carry could put you in a compromising position, especially with anti-gun fervor going on. It's none of their business if you carry or not. I agree with you.
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