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Once again we see the cognative dissonence that allows people to think that no matter what your private opinion, once you put it on UTube (or anything like that) it doesn't become a matter of public record. It does. Millions can see it. Including lawyers, prosecutors, and the indviduals threatened in a rant.

No matter what you discuss amongst friends, who know you and know you are not serious, when you put those same words out in public, even though it may be your right to do so, you risk the consequences.

Words have life. They have weight and meaning, in both the literal and legal sense. Saying in public, on the record, that you want to kill someone is a really poor idea. Even saying you feel like killing someone is foolish, particularly in these times. Saying things like that about policitians and or other public figures might just be a criminal offense.

Everybody goes on a rant, now and then. Fine. I get that. Do it myself sometimes. Some people are little more than a bundle of rants. I get that too. I just don't get why people can think they can say or do stupid (sometimes even illegal) things on Utube and get away with it?
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