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Taurus...they quit making them and now they can be found -REALLY- cheap. It's not that they aren't cheap enough (wow, are they low in price!) but it's physics. The .327 Federal simply has to have a bare minimum of a 3-inch barrel to make the cartridge run at it's extreme pace. We've known for generations that longer=faster in handgun barrels, but in the case of the .327, the cartridge gets clipped and just plain neutered under 3 inches. The Taurus revolvers in .327 Federal are all snubs and not a single one of them has the capability of running the .327 without shedding HUNDREDS of FPS off any of the rounds. If you want the blast of a magnum with the hitting power of a .380, this platform can do that.
This won't bother the Taurus target demographic: the low information shooter/ballistic innumerati .... they sold a ton of Judges based on "power of a shotgun in a pistol" thinking .....
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