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My Wally's has bird shot 20 ga and similar only. Nothing in handgun, rifle or 22.

My Cabelas has 9mm ball for $12 a box. They also have pallets of .223. I'm not familiar with what the pricing should be, I don't shoot that caliber. But they've got plenty of rounds of it.

My Cabelas does have TONS of customers at the counter saying "I want to buy a gun" and not having a clue if they want a pistol, bolt rifle, AR, BMG etc.

My local gun shop has plenty of high end 1911s, 9mm (mostly Glock/Sig), bolt 308s and 30-06s, several M1As (that suprised me), no ARs. Lots of autoloading shotguns with recoil reducers. When I was there, they had about six employees, I was the only customer. None of the employees seemed too enthusiastic about trying to sell anything to me. They almost seemed like they were an antelope that had been taken down by a pack of lions and had submitted to being eaten.

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