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You want to try .327 Federal right now? Here's how I rank them.

1) GP-100 for fun and utility, but too big for concealed carry unless you open or duty carry. If most of your handguns are like most of mine and you just wish to enjoy it, there's no better choice.

2) SP-101, not a micro size or snubbie, but runs like a 4-inch K-frame...with either more power (over .38) or a LOT more manageable (over .357)

3) Blackhawk. Pretty, solid, well made, but it's big, fat & heavy. If you are the hunting type...certainly. 8 rounds on board is pretty cool! If you are just shooting for fun and enjoyment, the GP-100 is more friendly.

4) Freedom Arms. Never even touched one or seen one in the flesh, but their reputation speaks volumes. You won't get one for under $1,200, but I'm sure you'll have an heirloom piece for your money. If you like the Blackhawk but you want a Rolls Royce, go this route.

5) S&W Model 632 Power Port. Never played with one of these, but I would imagine the port is similar to what I'm running in my GP with my porting. S&W couldn't be convinced to build a classic, normal K-frame and this is their only offering. If you think hardly anyone buys a .327, check with S&W and you may believe that NOBODY has EVER bought a .327.

The others...I just can't recommend with confidence, and here is why.
1) Taurus...they quit making them and now they can be found -REALLY- cheap. It's not that they aren't cheap enough (wow, are they low in price!) but it's physics. The .327 Federal simply has to have a bare minimum of a 3-inch barrel to make the cartridge run at it's extreme pace. We've known for generations that longer=faster in handgun barrels, but in the case of the .327, the cartridge gets clipped and just plain neutered under 3 inches. The Taurus revolvers in .327 Federal are all snubs and not a single one of them has the capability of running the .327 without shedding HUNDREDS of FPS off any of the rounds. If you want the blast of a magnum with the hitting power of a .380, this platform can do that.

2) Charter Arms Patriot...they made some of these in snubbies (skip them for the same reason) and some of them with four inch barrels. Now the four inch -- I would really like to play with. You'd get the full power & capability of the round and for a low-$ expenditure. I told myself if I found one for cheap, I'd snag one. But I don't have almost ANY confidence in the durability of what we can all agree is a low-buck firearm...only in this case, attempting to run a 45,000 PSI bottle rocket. Remember that a Charter running .38 Special is running 17,500 PSI. .327 beating on this?! Add it up and I think you'd shoot one of these to failure. I could be wrong--show me!

3) Bond Arms...a stack barrel derringer. Hmmm. I'm sure some folks like these, but they aren't for me. It does have a full 3-inch barrel, though, so you'd get the bullet moving properly. But these guns are awfully limited in function...and they aren't exactly cheap. I'm sure there's one or two in existence. They have a reputation for quality.

4) Contender barrel... I don't see it. And actually, I am a Contender guy, have a Super 14" .223 that has been a blessing to me. But if you are going to go with a single shot and a large platform, there's like a HUNDRED choices and certainly, there's going to be many ways to get a stubby 100 grain pill to rocket up toward 2,000 FPS in a more exciting, interesting or even ballistically superior way than to go .327 Federal. But by all means!
Attention Brass rats and other reloaders: I really need .327 Federal Magnum brass, no lot size too small. Tell me what caliber you need and I'll see what I have to swap. PM me and we'll discuss.
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