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New guy gotta vent

Went tree rat hunting got 4 nice fox squirrels. Had a great time until i came outta the woods and found a dead 10pt. I figure a 3yr old, would have been a shooter next year. The odd thing was is that it was still warm. I got outa there asap. I figured the poachers were still in the area. On the way to my truck, i smelled something rotten on the gas well road. I went over and there laid 5 deer with backstraps, hind quarters, and racks missing. There was plastic bags and beer cans everywhere. Monday i will call the portage county game warden. I hate poachers with a passion. Those are the kind of "trash hunters" that are going to ruin the sport for our future generations of hunters. Where is the ethics? That ruined my hunt. If anyone is familiar with west branch state park, that was where i was hunting this morning. Please everyone turn in poachers. The future of our wonderful sport needs to be protected from the idiots that have no respect for the game we pursue. Im done. Thanks for listening. I did pick up the bags and beer cans. They looked real nice laying in a state park
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