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An interesting lot of opinions, to be sure...

On carrying on company time...If you're doing something you shouldn't be doing (violating a company rule) you probably shouldn't be doing it. The variant suggested above, don't carry people in your car, citing insurance restrictions etc, sounds like a good work-around.

On "offending" friends and co-workers...Consider the same kinds of options when others bring up politics or religion. Or wear offensive cologone. Or stink like cigarettes. Those kinds of people typically aren't polite enough to consider YOUR views.

On dealing with LEOs in a traffic stop...If you're going to lunch, middle of the day, business district, block from Chilies, consider EXITING your vehicle when stopped. Do the right moves, of course. Exit. Keep hands visible. Stand still etc. Look like an employee driving his co-workers to lunch. That might not be an ideal option if you work at 83rd and Fig in LA.

Overall, it's all just more of the "plan ahead" RESPONSIBILITY you have when you carry. Important stuff to think through. Just as important as how to respond to "bumps in the night" and other scenarios.

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