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I started working with the round three years ago (almost to the DAY!) when one of my buddies decided to take a wild turn and bought the SP-101. My experience was limited to concocting loads and trying them out in his revolver until I had them where I wanted them, then simply making a few boxes for him to practice with a couple times a month. A handful of times each year, I'd experiment with new loads when I had a chance to get behind the revolver.

I agree with much of the marketing hype with regards to the fact that you've got bullet speed and "power" without near the felt recoil punch of .357 Magnum. Certainly, you've got a lot of blast. I still have no idea--none whatsoever of the .327's round effectiveness in real shootings, but functionally, the SP-101 is a well-built little unit that can be well employed in a defensive role.

Another buddy of mine whom I get to see and shoot with more often snagged the stainless Blackhawk. It's much like my .30 Carbine Blackhawk but prettier, with a more manageable barrel length and 8 rounds capacity. It was with this one that I began to chrono my handloads for the first time and get a little more gutsy with what I was building.

In early June, I finally got my own and I was a little hesitant because I love -- or very nearly REQUIRE a very good deal to get drawn in to another handgun. This one was used and clean, but not as low priced as I hope or expect a used gun ought to be. But these guns...they just don't show up all too often enough, new or used. I ended up paying for it a similar price to what used ones were going for on Gunbroker at the time. New ones are still a bit more on the rare occasion that you see one.

I bought it because I have enjoyed toying with the round.
But I didn't really believe that I was going to love it this much.

I carry a semi-auto so the SP-101, while a darn good gun, it was simply not going to be something I needed to buy. The Blackhawk is too much like my .30 Carb, so that wasn't going to happen either...and truly, it is much larger than it needs to be for fun, enjoyable .327'ing. It feels like you've got a .44 Mag in your hand.

The GP-100 is, in my opinion, BY FAAAAR the absolute gem of the three. The Hogue grip was quite comfy, but it looked like a slab of rotten roadkill attached to the revolver, so it went away. The previous owner had this revolver Mag-na-Ported, of all curious things, because it was purchased to be his wife's protection piece (a bit large for that role?!) so my GP-100 is different than...well, EVERYONE else's.

What a joy this revolver is. If Bill Ruger came to me in a dream and asked me to improve it, I'd suggest a 5-inch barrel. Would give a bit more sight radius, a bit more punch and the balance wouldn't be compromised. And an already good lookin' fireplug would look just a little bit better with a little less than an inch added.

It makes me happy that a revolver made like TODAY can still give me the warm & fuzzies that I get from my older and "they won't EVER make 'em like this again" Smith & Wessons.
Attention Brass rats and other reloaders: I really need .327 Federal Magnum brass, no lot size too small. Tell me what caliber you need and I'll see what I have to swap. PM me and we'll discuss.
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