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I went back this morning.
I eventually talked with an assistant manager and he eventually admitted it was a "store" thing. I told him all the ID I had and he said he thought that would be ok. Thing is the gun was gone. Really all I wanted was to give them clarity about the law, giving them all the research I had done and letting them know they could easily call the Virginia Firearms Transaction center to have it defined for them if they needed.

It was all polite. No issues. One clerk that happened to be nearby told me after the management crowd had disbursed that I had handled it really well!

But they lost a sale anyway. I went up the road a few miles and paid more for a nice new 10-22 at a shop. It wasn't a lot more. It was what I thought reasonable.
And it was worth it! And they had zero issues with my ID.

A side note.
Both WW and the shop I went to said ATF had been there in December, spending a whole week going over all their records. They are nitpicking the smallest things. You can bet Obama, Holder, and crew are having that done because of Sandy Hook, just trying their darnedest to get more "ammo" for more laws
I think is a large part of why WW was so uptight about things.

The gun shop was great. Clerk was a State Policeman. Real nice guy.
I sure don't mind paying more for shopping at a place and with people like that.
I think I have a new place to do my shopping now.
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