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Sis SP2022 Problems

Hello all, this is my first post, I have been registered a while but never posted.

I recently acquired my first Sig, a SP2022.
I finally got to take it to the range today and had problems from the start.

I put in a mag, pull back the slide, pull the trigger, bang.
Pull the trigger again, nothing. The hammer was not fully cocked.
I could slightly pull back the hammer then fire again.

I tried several different ammo types, and this occurs on all. Herters 115g FMJ, RWS 124g FMJ, Federal 115g FMJ, PMC Starfire 124g HP, Hornady Critical Duty 135g +P HP, nothing made any difference.
The gun will not fully cock the hammer with any.

I tried two different mags, loaded with 5 rounds and fully loaded, still, hammer will not fully cock
I did break down the gun and clean before the range trip as advised in the manual. Both mags were cleaned and lightly oiled as well.
At the range, I did break down the gun and re-assemble multiple times to verify that everything was in order.

As an experiment, I tried keeping the trigger squeezed through the whole cycle. Low and behold, the hammer would full cock....most of the time. When holding the trigger back this way, when released to go forward, the hammer would click forward slightly.

I checked my grip, checked that the slide hold back was not interfering and let my son shoot the weapon to make sure it was not just something stupid I was doing.

It sure is a bummer that my new Sig was a lemon out of the box. I was stoked after seeing so many positive reviews of this pistol and ended up dissappointed.

Has anyone else had this problem or any ideas for a remedy? I will be contacting Sig on Monday for a possible solution or return.
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